“According to the Upanishads, as long as you think that life has a purpose and you run behind that purpose, you are an egoistic person. When you realize the beauty of the purposelessness of life, you have dropped your ego.

A man with ego searches with purpose and misses reality.

The master is the one who makes you understand the purposelessness of life. Whatever you think of as being worthy now is not actually the true and worthy thing. A man with ego searches with purpose and misses reality.

Death clearly shows that whatever mind you lived with has no real existence. When you realize the purposelessness of life, a new consciousness starts blossoming in you. The moment you experience that there is nothing to be achieved, that the diamonds you are protecting are not diamonds but stones, and that all your great things in life are mere toys, you will understand the purposelessness of life.

When the ego is dropped, you will understand the Divine purpose of life”

Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam 

Oneness with the Master


In Vedic tradition, we developed six ways of liberated thinking. Liberated thinking means, the thinking style which constantly keeps you excited, enthusiastic, energetic, joyful, rejuvenating yourself, naturally intelligent, naturally aligned to the laws of life, and naturally blissful. By your very nature, you are blissful, intelligent, conscious, aware. You are hardwired to experience the peak possibility, the highest existence.

~ Bhagawan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam


Cosmic Mother

“In each of us there is an energy which constantly gives birth, expresses itself ~ that is feminine energy. When you awaken feminine consciousness in you, you radiate the state, space, powers of Parmashiva.

Worshipping and completion with the cosmic mother is the direct method to heal and complete your bio-memory and the associated pains and sufferings in your life.”

~ Bhagawan Sri Nithyanandan Paramashivam


An ancient Hindu tradition, yogini in chastity and purity to Paramshiva, with pristine inner space and stability keeps the enlightenment ecosystem alive for planet earth.





“Especially blessed are those who can live with their Guru.

Fortunate are they who are allowed to serve him and those who only meet him from time to time and hold him in their thoughts.

My friends, to merely enter a bank doesn’t make you rich and visiting places where wise once lived in days gone by, will not impart wisdom.

Truth must be acquired through practice and experience.

To find the spiritual treasure of the inner Self, the right key must be found.

It is the Guru who possesses this key.”


~ Swami Shivananda

Divine Superhuman