In Vedic tradition, we developed six ways of liberated thinking. Liberated thinking means, the thinking style which constantly keeps you excited, enthusiastic, energetic, joyful, rejuvenating yourself, naturally intelligent, naturally aligned to the laws of life, and naturally blissful. By your very nature, you are blissful, intelligent, conscious, aware. You are hardwired to experience the peak possibility, the highest existence.

~ H.H. Nithyananda Paramahamsa,       Upanishads

Evolution through Art of Surrender

“People waste much energy in resisting. Things can happen very fast but rather than co-operating with me they fight, unconsciously, not aware that they are fighting. It is just their old habits. For their whole life they have been fighting with people; that is what life is. 

A deep trauma is also there because parents have been ordering you and the teachers and the priests and everybody wanted you to obey them, so there is resistance to obeying. That has become almost built in.

Here it is not a question of obeying, it is a question of surrender; and these two are totally different. Obeying means that you are there, still there and there and deciding to obey. Surrender means you are no more, there is nobody to obey or disobey; you simply become a let-go. And then things can move so fast, unbelievable fast. Things which ordinarily take lives can happen in moments.”  ~ OSHO


There are three levels of surrender

1) Intellectual Surrender
An easy method of surrender used when we rely on a more intelligent source such as a doctor, a lawyer, an accountant and so on.

2) Emotional Surrender
When we apply disciplines to create a new reality, such as going on a weight loss program or establishing a daily exercise regimen. This is used when we surrender the emotional nature in exchange for our higher intelligence.

3) Surrendering the Senses
Surrender that requires a spiritual technique of initiation.


One may ask, is it not weak to surrender? 

Surrender is one of the most courageous acts performed. Through complete surrender, one evolves very quickly on their spiritual path. In fact, it is the act of giving up and letting go that changes and transforms a person. If everything is surrendered, there is only the Divine to focus on and think about. That alone will change the character of a person radically. One must be very strong to give away everything they own, everything they love and all that they are attached to so that they can focus entirely on God. 

To offer everything and become simple is a powerful act of surrender. For in surrender the ego dissolves and space is made in the mind for answers, insights and creativity; truths are revealed and tremendous healing comes into one’s being. To be humble is to surrender and to let go of the ego is to surrender.

One will find that surrender does not diminish one’s life. On the contrary, spiritual surrender actually expands and enlarges, increases and multiplies. Instead of weakening the character as one may think, surrender fortifies and empowers the life expression and purpose.

It is imperative that surrender is free of the sense of sacrifice. If one feels as though they are sacrificing something, lamenting their act, then it no longer is surrender. With a grudging spirit or the sense that one is giving, it becomes a force of limitations that work against the enlarging, expanding potential of true surrender. If there is a hint of doubt inside of one’s being there is no full surrender; if there is selfishness inside and in one’s actions there is still some part not surrendered.

It can be seen that when all these three types of surrender mentioned above are applied in one’s life: intellectual, emotional and surrendering the senses, then enlightenment happens and one experiences Divine Truth.



If one truly desires to deeply surrender to the Divine, it helps tremendously when one has a Guru to initiate and lead the way. 

When one drops everything at the feet of the Guru, disease disappears, depression lifts, seeds of karma fade away. Most people are not aware of the power of the Guru and the magic of surrender, missing a powerfully transformative human experience. Truly, the Divine is working through an enlightened teacher watching over, taking care and orchestrating the best possible outcome.

Perhaps one of the most powerful lessons that I received in understanding the act of spiritual surrender was the example from my own Guru. Through his stories, his devotion, his love for his Guru and the dedication to the principles that were taught to him by his Guru, he revealed the power of surrender. Through his humble regard and his passion to fulfill what is good, correct, pure and of the highest intent, slowly, gradually, it came into my awareness.

I shall never forget the day that I first saw a photo of him in deep surrender. I was startled that such a powerful, confident, teacher had the ability to place himself completely face-down on the ground and in full surrender out of respect for a higher being. It was then that I began to open and feel assured that there was something more powerful than what my simple, ignorant mind could comprehend. The realization came that I could trust the one who relied solely on his guru to guide, direct and lead the way towards his experience of enlightenment.

By trusting our Guru even more than our senses, such as Arjuna demonstrated with Krishna, we actually have the possibility of the best opportunities to thrive and be satisfied. This is where we taste true peace, relaxation, contentment and joy.



Here is a technique that my guru has shared with me that causes a quick, dramatic shift for bringing calmness and relaxation into the body and mind.

Place your hands on your hips, close your eyes and visualize millions of brightly, shining suns streaming in through your Solar Plexus.

Simultaneously, visualize a million moons streaming into your Solar Plexus, bringing a cooling sensation into your system. Hold this vision of the sun and moon streaming in through your Solar Plexus for a few minutes.

It’s slightly challenging to do at first, however, after some practice, it becomes much easier. Soon, you will feel a tremendous state of calmness and equanimity inside your being, a powerful clearing in your Solar Plexus, tummy region and you may also notice a significant change in your breathing, which ultimately, shifts consciousness.



A true guru traverses the formal path of initiation working with an enlightened being, sanctioning the process of maturation.

Qualities of a true guru:

1) Purity

Purity in thoughts, speech and action is an absolute necessity.

A thirst for knowledge and having endured the process of continuous struggle and unremitting grappling with the lower nature until the higher nature is achieved and realized is a purity. This process can take many lives, years or can happen immediately; one who has persevered through the struggles, learned as much as they can and has had a persistent will that is determined becomes pure.  It is the knowledge of the spirit of the scriptures that constitutes a true spiritual teacher. A great teacher does not go into various explanations of texts, nor the meaning of words and their roots, rather, they speak from a noble place of spontaneous awareness and the realization of what the spiritual teachings are conveying to the seeker.

2)  Sinlessness

In the dispensation of spiritual teachings there must be a pure, spiritual light in the soul. This can be seen through the example of imparting spiritual truths to others. A glimpse of God or the Cosmos can never be seen until the heart and soul are pure.  First, see what this person is and then, what they say. Are they are speaking from experience or is it intellectual babble? The teacher must be perfectly pure in every way, enabling him/her to be a true transmitter.

3) No selfish or ulterior motive

No motive or striving for money, name or fame is present in the authentic guru. A true teacher’s work is simply out of love, out of pure love for mankind.  Love is the only medium for which the spiritual force can be transmitted. Any motive for fame or money immediately, completely kills out the ability to convey spiritual love. God is love and only those who have realized this spiritual state of love can pass it onto others.



When you can see all three of these attributes being expressed in a being who calls themselves a teacher then you can trust the guru, the one who is guiding towards Divinity.

Recently, while in darshan with my Guru, he said, “renounce taste” as he gave the challenge to surrender the senses and to grow beyond desire.

It takes three days for one meal to process and move through the body. He talked about the ancient teaching of eating once every three days in order for the system to properly process food and assimilate nutrients and to clear out of the digestive and elimination organs. Equally important is allowing the body to rest from digesting so that it can focus on healing the body and revitalize, allowing access to “prana”.

It is impossible to enjoy prana, the source of vitality, when the body is digesting continuously throughout the day. You might be surprised how many aches and pains leave the body with the practice of eating only when hungry and not motivated by taste, smell or the unconscious, compulsive habit of eating three to four times a day. Try narrowing down to only two meals a day without snacking in between and you will see a significant difference. So often we eat out of boredom, depression, desire for taste or compulsive, lifestyle habits.

In that same darshan, he urged us to practice sitting with the sun’s first morning rays. As I sit in my chair with my eyes closed, drinking in the morning sun, within a few minutes my Ida and Pingala become clear expanding into greater prana. Prana actually converts into a food-like substance vitalizing our body. No wonder I have not been hungry for days. Blessed with the guru’s initiations, prana can become food for life.

And practicing purification, the first rung on the ladder of yoga is essential for gaining access to prana. Pranayama coupled with Hatha yoga, the third and fourth rung on the ladder of yoga, is equally important for moving into wider, more expanded breathing so one can access prana.

My guru insists on a daily, morning routine such as Brahma Muhurta and purification as a lifestyle. Applying his teachings and following his guidance, my body feels amazing, my emotional state relaxes completely and the expansion of love in my heart continues to grow and grow.

In this evenings darshan, He urged us to feel the divinity within. He spoke about thinking like God, feeling like God, behaving like God and how that attitude changes everything around us; the cosmos celebrates when we grasp that we are a divine being in flesh, living out the human experience in grace, humility, gentleness and calmness.

Thank heavens with this special guru I am encouraged to feel heavenly bliss with a cosmic conscious kiss. I choose initiation any day over delusion. Let the shower of divine grace pour. 


Truly, when the student is ready, the teacher comes who can lead the way, open the heart into greater expansion and bring the mind to a wider understanding. It is a joy to learn how to manage our reality, control our emotional desires and shift into a new way of being.

Without humility, faith, surrender, or the initiation that comes with working with an enlightened guru, there can be no growth inside our being. It is obvious that the more one surrenders, the more rapidly consciousness grows.

It is a fact, where this type of relationship is occurring with the guru and the initiated student, powerful beings are growing and maturing into exquisite states of enlightenment. The highest wisdom, the highest form of worship cannot be bought and paid for, it can only be transferred when the heart is ready. Hence the ancient practice of offering the teachings and initiations for free. Never, is there a fee when working with an ascended, enlightened being.

When the teacher does come, enter into child-like innocence, confidence and simplicity, freely opening your heart and dropping the ego, like a flower out of the palm of your hand and onto the ground.

When one finds such teacher and abides in the attitude of devotion, humility, submission and gratitude amazing things begin to happen as beauty and goodness surround and enter one’s life.

Truly, surrender is the only way.

~ Kashi














“All souls are equal. The only difference that may be between us is that I have made the effort. I showed God that I love Him and He came to me. Love is the magnet from which God cannot escape.”

~ Paramahamsa Yogananda


“Especially blessed are those who can live with their Guru.

Fortunate are they who are allowed to serve him and those who only meet him from time to time and hold him in their thoughts.

My friends, to merely enter a bank doesn’t make you rich and visiting places where wise once lived in days gone by, will not impart wisdom.

Truth must be acquired through practice and experience.

To find the spiritual treasure of the inner Self, the right key must be found.

It is the Guru who possesses this key.”


~ Swami Shivananda

Concentrate on What You Want to Be

“Lest you get discouraged by your own faults, the Dhammapada gives you this solacing image; the purest lily can spring out of a heap of rubbish by the wayside.

That is to say, there is nothing so rotten that it cannot give birth to the purest realization.

Whatever may be the past, whatever may be the faults committed, whatever the ignorance in which one might have lived, one carries deep within oneself the supreme purity which can translate itself into a wonderful realization.

The whole point is to think of that, to concentrate on that and not to be concerned with all the difficulties and obstacles and hindrances.

Concentrate exclusively on what you want to be, forget as entirely as possible what you do not want to be.”

~ The Mother


• Dhammapada – Collection of sayings of Buddha in scriptures


The Merging of Shiva and Shakti


Inside each one of us is a dual nature of male and female qualities, right side and left side, right brain and left brain, yin and yang, and the forces of actinic and odic.

On the physical plane, life is constantly lived inside this duality of complimentary, opposite forces.

Many westerners are familiar with the Native American term, “Walk in balance”, used to portray the relationship between human and nature. When one is in harmony with the forces of nature, they are treading a path that is conscious of a “give and take” relationship with existence.

This dual relationship of masculine and feminine forces exemplifies the state of balance within one’s character concerning emotions and intellect. You can witness this relationship through the eyes. Take a “selfie” photo of you, close up, and notice if your eyes are the same and in alignment. One eye may be higher than the other or slightly closed more than the other. Usually, they are not the same nor in balance.

The left eye represents the emotional part of our being, which could also be considered the feminine side. The right eye represents our spiritual relationship and can be considered the male side of our being. The degree of balance inside one’s system is revealed in the positions of the eyes, indicating one’s relationship between body, emotions and spirit. If one is suppressing emotional pain, this can be seen in the eyes and if there is a disconnect spiritually, compromising integrity, authenticity, or a disconnect with our higher self, it is seen here as well. Each of these conditions are the root of all disease in the body, which can be seen through the degree of imbalance between the two eyes.

In the same way, the left nostril is considered the “feminine” side and the right nostril considered the “male’ side. The left nostril indicates the emotional state: emotional pain, feeling fear, depressed or feeling content, and peaceful. The right side indicates the condition of the ego – bombastic, pushy, competitive, arrogant or calm, balanced and gentle.

In the ancient science of Yoga, we learn how to merge spirit with matter, harmonize these dual forces through a set of disciplines and lifestyle practices. More specifically, Yoga teaches how to extinguish emotionalities, while fostering physical body purification, etheric body toning and the evolution of spiritual consciousness. This process can take many lifetimes as humans reincarnate lifetime after lifetime, maturing naturally and it can happen suddenly, too. Using occult, mystical, spiritual truths, human existence moves towards merging with the Divine, reaching liberation from the cycles of births and deaths.

Each lifetime builds a storehouse of karma created from the drama of “cause and effect, action and reaction”. It is also the result of ego and ignorance living in shades of duality and illusion. When one becomes free from this cycle of delusion, which has kept one as a prisoner for many lifetimes, a realization of the Self occurs, nirvikalpa samadhi, a state of oneness beyond the “ups and downs” of life experienced in the Maya.

Through applying the techniques of Yoga science while under the guidance of a guru, by applying worship, detachment, and purification, karma is cleansed, as one attains perfect liberation to exist in beauty, harmony, grace, perfection and power with God and all higher, mature, evolved beings.


Shiva and Shakti, the dance of the male and female energies brought into a state of union, maturing and realizing divinity.

For eons, humans have interpreted this divine union to represent the relationship of two lovers. And in one sense, in a healthy sense it does represent male and female energies. Because most of humanity lives, thinks and operates from the three lower chakras: Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus, the human impetus is to perceive Shiva and Shakti as a romance representing the lower, animalistic nature and desire for sexuality and attachment.

This desire for merging is a yearning for the taste of the highest potential gained in the union of spirit with matter, which Shiva and Shakti ultimately represent.

A natural, evolutionary human process is to perfect the relationship between man and woman, the dual forces of masculine and feminine. Ultimately, Shiva represents the male counterpart on the mundane plane as the provider and protector of his household. The male psychology and physiology is equipped to handle the stress and demands for maintaining material and emotional security for his loved one’s on the plane of Maya. The home is the domain of the female as the mistress under the covering of the male protective force in the same way as Shakti sits comfortably guarded on the lap of Shiva.

This relationship is further played out on the subtle plane through the Ida and Pingala forces. Naturally, these cosmic forces play out through the Ida and Pingala of each of the partners in accordance to the state of their relationship in the home as a couple.

If the forces of Ida and Pingala are not in balance inside the couple, there are arguments, rude, harsh words, back-biting, cheating, lying and manipulation. It gets very unpleasant when there is no balance in the relationship. It creates a vexatious, troublesome environment to live and breathe in. It feels miserable.

The male counterpart has the ability to harmonize the energies of Ida and Pingala, stabilizing the home environment, creating a peaceful place for the female to operate and fulfill what comes natural. This does not mean that the male becomes dominant, arrogant, controlling and commanding. This state of harmony can only come through flowing love for his female partner and the enjoyment of his responsibility. If the woman is having difficulty fulfilling her role, usually, it is because the man is not upholding his own duty, nor allowing the space and time to do what she must do to fulfill her role.

When the forces of Ida and Pingala become out of balance in the home, the male must take time each morning to stabilize the energy first, within himself through meditation and devotion. If he is taking time to do this, then the energy in the home is balanced and love flows in contentment, happiness and trust. This is what Shiva represents at this level of understanding. Shiva is the God of spiritual disciplines that lead to harmony, contentment and loving compassion. Naturally, through this relationship, the male can uplift the energy of his entire abode.


If the male and female are flowing in balance as “actiniodic” force, then there is harmony in the home. If they are out of balance and there is excessive odic forces which are aggressive, intellectual energy, then the atmosphere of the home becomes congested with inharmonious conditions. This can be observed within one’s own being through the right nostril when it becomes blocked; there is arguing and issues are unresolved. If the reverse is happening with the passive physical current, the couple is too attached to each other, which creates jealousy, fear, resentment, frustrations, fighting with name-calling, hurting each other in various ways. These same emotional qualities can be observed within one’s own being through the left nostril.

Through the right nostril, the Pingala force, the male uses creative, intellectual energies from the inner plane, inventing and discovering. This is all happening according to his state of consciousness with intermittent cycles of inspiration to creative emptiness and back to inspiration.

The female uses the Ida currents, the left nostril with the emotional cycles of highs and lows while nurturing and adding beauty to the home environment.

Through the man’s ability to stabilize his own forces, naturally, the forces of the female balance and stabilize. Becoming conscious of these currents and how they flow differently according to gender, respecting differences, there can be a beautiful exchange happening between partners and harmony in the environment similar to that of a temple-like space.

There is no way that the two genders can think like the other and it is mistaken to expect it. When the two currents are properly flowing in their respective ways, then a spiritual atmosphere can easily be fostered in the environment. When the man meditates, he naturally brings an inner security emotionally and physically for the female partner and ensures that his intuition is directing the intellect in directions that are best for the home and relationship.

Man finds understanding through observation and woman finds harmony through devotion. This graceful exchange naturally uplifts the environment.

The Celibate Seeker

For the individual who is not in relationship, it easier to observe one’s own Ida and Pingala forces, managing the process of maturation of consciousness and personal development. When the forces are flowing through the Ida current, the left side of the spine, corresponding to the left sympathetic nerve system, it becomes fragmented into smaller currents that flow through the internal organs of the body.

One becomes overly-emotional, feminine in nature, talks excessively, often has hurt feelings, cries easily and tends to want to help others even though they may not fulfill what they promise. In this space of overly stimulated Ida, heat rises in the body and is felt in the Solar Plexus, tummy region, impacting the pancreas, spleen, intestines and liver. It is very quick to anger and self-justification or self-defense.

In the same way, when the currents of energy are strong in the Pingala, right side of body, one becomes overly intellectual, talks very little, loves to debate with others and has nerves of steel. Emotions and feelings are held back, and one is prone to lower desires such as perverted sexuality and is closed to genuine, pleasant engaging. In this case, it is impossible for energy to move upward past the Sacral chakra.

The best way to balance these excessive energies in the Ida and Pingala is to get the hands into the dirt through gardening and walking barefoot on the grass so that one can ground the energies and move in a balanced manner. Picking flowers to make bouquets, cleaning the inside and outside of the home also assist with grounding the energies and rerouting the current of force in a more balanced way. Pranayama coupled with 108 mantras certainly leads to harmonized dual forces inside one’s being.



Union of Shiva and Shakti in the Individual

Through the ancient Hindu religion, this symbolic Divine representation depicts the embracing of male-female qualities, absolute and relative, pleasure and pain, cause and effect, body and mind. Through the balance of opposites, energy is able to rise to its peak within the human form and merge, ultimately, with the highest Divine source, Shiva, known as nirvikalpa samadhi.

Through achieving this state of union within, one gains permanent liberation from the cycles of birth and death and then, the state of bliss, known as savikalpa samadhi, the realization of satchiddananda; where intuitive awareness is gained as Truth and knowledge.

Merging with Shiva is accomplished through the application of disciplines so that the forces of Shakti may rise. This happens when the rising of kundalini energy flows up through the sushumna channel, sitting between the two currents: Ida and Pingala. When the currents of the human body, etheric and physical are clear, harmonized and flowing through the central channel, kundalini energy rises to the crown chakra, Sahasrara, where Shiva sits waiting to be embraced by this divine energy.

In all deity representations of Shiva and Shakti, Shakti sits on the left-hand side of Shiva’s lap with Shiva’s left arm holding Shakti gently in his embrace. Shiva represents the discipline of masculine energies brought into balance through tender behavior and gentle attitude, embracing the feminine energy current inside of one’s own system. This relationship can also be seen as the ego coming into balance with the emotions, using wise intellect to apply willpower for greater harmony inside one’s being.

Through applying Yamas and Niyamas, abstentions, purification and spiritual study, one begins disciplining the nature that has been in conflict with these feminine and masculine forces. Next step is to combine the practice of asana’s, (hatha yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises) in a daily morning routine as a lifestyle habit. These four steps of the Yoga science is where one remains for a period of time perfecting the practice while rejuvenating internal organs, re-writing the brain and how it perceives and toning the physical body. In so doing, the body becomes supple, harmonized with internal organs for better blood production and circulation. This daily lifestyle practice and routine feeds the brain, strengthens internal organs and vitalizes the body, creating the right conditions for harmonizing Shiva and Shakti forces.

Once the body has been purified and daily morning routine established, then one begins working on control of the senses. Through learning to control the senses, one takes power away from the emotional body and the unstable, compulsive drive for desires, which ultimately create the imbalance of these dual forces. When this has been mastered, then, comes quieting the mind paving the way towards an effective meditation practice.

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When we observe the ancient practice of worshipping the Shiva Lingam, which sits in the Yoni Peetham (Adharashakti) as practiced in the ancient Tamil puja worship, in the southern Indian tradition, we witness and conjure the merging of energies, harmonizing of forces for attaining the highest power available in the human potential.

Through these mature, ancient rituals of worship, initiation of energies are stimulated inside the body for clearing karma, healing disease, quieting the mind, releasing astral attachments, internal organs repaired and rejuvenated, intuition heightened and more. As harmony between these two forces: actinic and odic strengthen, Shakti force travels up the spine, through the chakras to the crown chakra where Shiva resides. Once the kundalini, Shakti force has risen, Divine Union is in effect and bliss is the state and space of life experience.

This union of forces inside the system only happens when one is completely focused on applying all eight rungs of the ladder of Yoga: purification, spiritual edification, posture exercises, breathing exercises, sense withdrawal, concentration, meditation and a perfected state of balance of masculine and feminine energies in a mature state. Hence, the meaning of Yoga: Union and the ultimate, divine purpose of Shiva and Shakti, Lingam and Yoni Peetham.

May your conscious, intuitive intellect override your emotional tendencies and lead you towards your highest potential.


~ Kashi

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