In Vedic tradition, we developed six ways of liberated thinking. Liberated thinking means, the thinking style which constantly keeps you excited, enthusiastic, energetic, joyful, rejuvenating yourself, naturally intelligent, naturally aligned to the laws of life, and naturally blissful. By your very nature, you are blissful, intelligent, conscious, aware. You are hardwired to experience the peak possibility, the highest existence.

~ Bhagawan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam

Oneness with the Master


Extreme unclutching, extreme detox, extreme completion, extreme oneness, all is lower than extreme love.

Love is the highest, purest form of oneness.   ~ Swamiji





“In the whole world there are only two kind of people:

People who feel life is a curse

People who feel life is a blessing

That is all

Life is an expansion, the auspicious energy

Whoever feels life is an expansion, they are enlightened

Whoever feels you still need a little more something in life, you are a politician

that’s all

There are only two kinds of people on planet earth:

Enlightened and Politician

That’s all

……..as long as you feel something is missing in you, you are involved in politics, to control the world, control at least a family, manipulate something.

……the enlightened one feels life is overflowing

the politician feels, “no, there is something missing, I have to manipulate”

understand…..which side do you want to take?”

~ H.D.H. Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Parashivam



“Especially blessed are those who can live with their Guru.

Fortunate are they who are allowed to serve him and those who only meet him from time to time and hold him in their thoughts.

My friends, to merely enter a bank doesn’t make you rich and visiting places where wise once lived in days gone by, will not impart wisdom.

Truth must be acquired through practice and experience.

To find the spiritual treasure of the inner Self, the right key must be found.

It is the Guru who possesses this key.”


~ Swami Shivananda

Divine Superhuman