Brahma Muhurta

There is a very special time of the day, each day that is recognized as the “Creators Hour”, which takes place in the early morning hours right before the sun rises. Exactly one hour and thirty-six minutes before sunrise.

This special time of the day is known as Brahma Muhurta, which translates as the auspicious time of Brahma and “muhurta”, which is a forty-eight minute time period.

Since the time of sunrise varies throughout the year and according to geographic location, so does the timing of Brahma Muhurta.

For example, if the sunrise is scheduled to take place at 7:00 am, then the Brahma Muhurta begins at 5:24 am. If sunrise occurs at 6 am, then Brahma Muhurta begins at 4:24 am.

The popular hatha asana yoga routine, Sun Salutation, or in Sanskrit: Surya Namaskar, translated as “Eternal Salutations”, is designed especially for this morning ritual. Many yoga practitioners first learn this simple, traditional set of postures at the beginning of their tutelage. Through practicing these postures with a pranayama routine one learns to calm the mind and prepare for the practice of meditation while setting the tone for the day.

Through practicing Surya Namaskar at the beginning of the day, one honors and worships the symbol of consciousness, the sun.  While facing the East, embracing the sun’s first morning rays, bending the body, breathing in spirit and filling the mind with thoughts of gratitude one’s being becomes filled with intelligence, energy and life-force.


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Nithya Yoga Surya Namaskar pdf booklet