Logic & Identity, the Source of Hell

During most afternoons, I enjoy taking a stroll to experience the fresh ocean air, the wind through my hair and the rush of waves as natures symphony; to hear the breeze in the trees and enjoy the vast array of flora and fauna that thrives from one parcel of land to another.

There is a group of large trees that I pass by each time I take my walk and during a certain time of the year, these trees are filled with the most beautiful blossoms of vibrant colors and soft gentle fragrance that rides on the wind teasing my senses and beckoning my attention. 

Often, when I see them, I wish that I could reach up and pluck a handful from the branches to carry along with me for the rest of the walk. However, the blossoms are positioned way up high on the top branches of the trees making it a bit challenging for me to reach up and take a few. 

One morning recently, as I was on my walk, a busy conversation was happening inside my mind. Earlier that day, I had been in a conversation with a business associate and in our planning, discussing, reviewing facts, figures, forecasts and agendas, all very logical considerations, we met a certain point in our exchange that suddenly turned in a direction that was not kind nor pleasant nor was it mature nor humble. It was rather awful, I must say.

During my walk, the dreadful conversation stirred up an onslaught of mental tapes, which were repeating over and over in my head, quite noisily, unfortunately. Certainly, it was not very relaxing and definitely, rather annoying. Even worse, was how this mind chatter was taking me out of the present moment and impacting my ability to enjoy nature while out on my walk. Usually, I notice the sky, the different kind of trees, grasses and always the assortment of flowers in bloom, wild or cultivated, all kinds and all colors. 

On this day, thank heavens, in a dreadful moment of mental nonsense, nature brought me present and out of my head. Much to my delight the flowers that I so wish I could enjoy were strewn all around me and scattered across my path. 

It was in that moment, I was finally able to come present and enjoy nature in my usual way. The flowers that had pulled on the desires of my heart were now on the ground before me scattered everywhere and perfect in color, shape and fragrance too. They had not been there on the ground for very long, this fact was true as I reached down with my scarf that had become my soft basket and filled it with fresh blossoms. 

Perfect – now, I had exquisite blossoms for my puja ritual. 

Reflecting as I filled my scarf, I realized that I almost missed what my heart longed for on these daily afternoon walks. 

Upon returning to my abode, I decided it was a good time to sit and enjoy a video recording of my teacher. I would much rather fill my mind with his voice, his wisdom, his compassion and ever present being.

Much to my delight, the video that popped up for me to watch was exactly what I needed.

May you be transformed and renewed in the same way.
Here is His message:


The Masters Words

In the material world, you are used and then, dispersed.

The material world does not operate on the same premise as the cosmos – which is LOVE


Before entering into a business venture or contracting a service, the first thing one must do is inquire.

Is the item or the service that you are considering worthy of what you are paying?

Are you getting enough return on your investment?

If you are busily engaged in your business, that is good. One must be logical, analyzing, and one must be calculating. Society teaches us to be logical in the world yet, it does not teach us how to trust the inner world. The problem with this method for maturing is that there are certain things in life that one must approach differently, not with a logical, calculating, measuring mental process. 

School helps to sharpen our logic yet it misses on assisting us with developing the other dimensions of our whole being, the deeper dimension of love, existence, overflowing, accepting, relaxing. These areas of our multi-dimensional reality are never taught to us, neither do we understand or even experience the other dimensions. 

Instead, our mind is constantly reviewing: “Will I get what I am suppose to get per hour?”, “Will I get what I deserve for what I did?”, “Im spending this much time on this project, not sure what I am going to get for it and if it is fair”.  Our mind is constantly calculating and analyzing our reality, just as we have been taught to do. 

Your logic is always looking at “what will I get?”, and then, you have no chance to have a good experience. Anxiety rules and it is filled with this “getting”, this place of worry as we miss the beautiful things happening in our space and immediate environment. The mind constantly plans, thinks and wonders how to get, losing the whole beauty of life. 

Instead, one must try sitting and relaxing, being present and playing with the moment, giving the mind a rest. 


Whatever can be conveyed with words,
is really not worth listening to

Whatever you can gain through words is not worthy of gaining. Whatever is meant to be gained can only be gained at deeper levels, where you really feel connected and then, you start receiving great gifts. The words that are uttered, just to make you feel connected are actually expressed for fulfilling one’s ego. 

Sometimes, in the process of expressing one’s self, one thinks that they are actually gaining something. This kind of interaction brings a sense of satisfaction to the ego because it makes them feel like they have accomplished something and now can get lots of respect and attention. 

Many ways the mind cheats you. Society teaches you many ways to use logic, analyze and cheat you from being present and in the moment, content with what one has. However, one does not realize that there is a space inside of one’s being that is not logic where you can achieve more if you relax from your logic. 

You achieve more in life through the art of relaxing.


Use Logic in the Correct Way

If you know how to use logic and how to distance it from you, you can use it like a weapon. However, we tend to use the logic in such a way that it can turn on us and we begin hurting ourselves in the same way, applying the logic on our own being, judging ourself in how we measure others. We use the same words, the same logic and perception on our own being that we are applying in how we view others. This is because we are not intelligent enough to be aware of different types of logics.

All those who torture others also torture themselves. 

If you are aware, you will notice how one is behaving or reacting and you won’t bother as you realize it is only their experience, not yours. 

From an early age, we are taught to base our whole identity based on logic. That is why when you see someone who expresses emotion, you think he is a fool. A person who has spent many years inside the formal educational system that is based on logic, struggles with tuning into a feeling connection. They struggle with connecting with deities, especially. 

For any miracle to happen, you have to be in a different kind of inner space.

It depends entirely on one’s own inner space. If your inner space is mature enough to go beyond logic, your rational mind, you can experience miracles. However, most people carry only one state in their being, the logical mind that has been fostered throughout their upbringing and young adult life. 

Actually, logical people perceive emotional people who are trusting of others, as fools. They don’t understand, to be logical, to question, to doubt, to be suspicious does not require intelligence. Any fool can do that. 

Only through trusting, opening up to relaxing, you need intelligence. Very rarely do those who are only intelligent, relax. People who are relaxed are graceful in their living and in their leaving, the way that they depart from situations and people. This is the fragrance of a higher state of intelligence that does not rely on logic. 

People who are caught in logic and do not have the ability to relax, both their living with others and their leaving, separating from others, are hell for them. 

Very rarely, a genius, one who has escaped social training and conditioning, creates a strong logic. In this case, the logic is able to penetrate the zones where most people’s logic cannot penetrate. This creates a different quality of being, a different kind of inner space. 

The one who’s inner space is more, expanded and beyond logic, naturally showers his presence onto many people, the same attention, love and care on many people. If your inner space is vast enough, pure enough, you can shower the same attention and care to every being. 

Naturally, the one who feels that he should be getting all the attention feels insecure. If you shower your love on someone, there is a chance that they won’t get it. The reaction may be that the feeling of the exchange is not a win-win and someone is taking. 

In the inner space there is no such thing as 100%, there is only expansion, infinity. Only the outer space expresses logic and percentages of have and don’t have. The calculations and these ideas of logic don’t exist inside the inner space. When we see how people present their services, skills and value of time, this is an expression of how their inner mind operates as a logical expression. 

Even the psychologist or psychoanalyst reduces the mind into a logical state because when one type of education, the same mold, is forced on all people, one is no longer a human being. You are reduced to a continuum. 

Society’s educational model is designed to create a continuum. An educated person is used and then discarded, that is all. For the one who is conditioned in this way, even the inner space is predictable, even in one’s unpredictable moments. The so-called unpredictable moments, all the ideas of how to behave in the moment, predictable or not, is orchestrated by a manual created by the social system, passed through the educational system for developing the limited, logical mind. You are not living with one’s own logic, they are living with the social logic that has been implanted. 

If you are constantly feeling suffocation, unfulfilled, bound, feeling like a slave, it is true, you are living with the manual that society gave you.

Much worse, is that humans are programmed by society to believe that if they live their life according to this manual of logic that they are free to be. Not only are you a slave and made to feel that you are independent and free, and even though you are hypnotized, you are made to believe that you are not hypnotized. 

The moment you relax, the first thing you do is take a deep breath. This is the space of prana, life source, life energy. Only when you relax the life energy starts working in your being. This is why pranayama, working with breath, you can cure diseases. Because in those moment of rest, there is no disease. All disease is based on logical thinking and is the source of all pain, in physical body and emotional mind. 

In the same way, when you see a photo of a beautiful place, you begin thinking to yourself, let me plan and go there. When you go and you are in that place, you begin planning, ok, what should I do next…Why do we do this, and not experience the relaxation and joy that we think we are going to have when we get there?

Because deep down, you have a desire to go somewhere where nobody knows you and you don’t need your logic to protect you. It is not interest about that place that motivates you to go there, to the island, ocean or mountain, its not even the vacation. It is the motivation to go to a place where you don’t need your logic for survival, where you don’t have to use your identity. Your identity is like a prison for you and you want to be away from it. You don’t want to be recognized by anybody and don’t want to see the faces of those who you know. 

Deep down inside, everyone has this craving. Whenever you see the photo of this special place, you know that nobody knows you there. So, naturally you feel like going there yet after going there, you are carrying a person who knows you completely and is constantly haunting you wherever you go. Therefore, you do not experience the joy you were expecting once you got there. You will try to introduce yourself to new people and attempt to create a new identity and reality and within a few days, you are back in hell again. 

Now, many people know you and you know many people and the charm of the place is lost. Now, you are in the same rut again, and now you find a new place that you would like to visit. It is not the interest in the place or vacation, it is a place to be where you don’t need your logic to protect you and you can survive without your identity. 


Meditation Exercise

Visualize and change your identity and live for a week in this new identity

For example, if you are doctor, strongly believe that you are an engineer. if you are a male, strongly believe that you are a female or gay. If you are old, visualize that you are young. If you are young, visualize you are old. Choose an opposite point to live out for the next week, playfully, or any kind point; it does not have to be directly opposite. 

Create a new identity with all the new points and visualize this play for a week. You will understand the amount of revelation you feel. 

The person who decides that they are not going to live according to the rules or manuals given by society, becomes so innocent, of good and bad. He is not bothered about anything.

If one is aware that they are innocent, they are cunning. They are not innocent. 

What you are suppose to  do, how you age, how you address disease, how you die, everything is written in society’s logical manual. 

Is our life fate or individual will?

Your life can be designed according to your will however, first, you have to have a will and you don’t have it. Your so called rational mind you mistake as your will. 

If you have a will, naturally you get to design your life and future. 

This is the scale to determine if you have will or not:

For instance, you are taught that if this happens, you should fall into depression and if that happens, you should feel suffering. 

When something happens, sit and ask, what should I do now? Should I really suffer? 

Sit and analyze, anything that happens in your life is auspicious. However, when you are given a manual by society, you have to suffer because you are taught that things are not going properly, something is wrong. 

All your desires stem from wanting to relax your logical mind. The difficulty is that you do not know the technique. You think that going on vacation is going to relax your mind. 

Learn the technique to relax into your inner space. 



Transform your logical mind simply

 At least once a day practice this, whatever you call as a pain or suffering will disappear you will experience a zone where you don to need to keep your identity for surviving and constantly be introduced as your identity and do not need to live your logic for living your life. 

5 stages:

1) creating prana life energy into you through intense chaotic breathing. 

2) intense humming for shaking your inner beyond logic

3) bending your awareness to all of your energy centers, which are beyond logic yet need to be purified. The logic has corrupted the whole, entire being because it not only disturbs your mind, it disturbs your whole being. 

4) Sit without connecting all your thoughts and do not fulfill the thoughts nor repent because you are having thoughts.  Just sit in a relaxed way – such as get up and go to bathroom or go to bed, etc. do not respond to any thoughts. Neither respond nor repent nor repress. Just sit and do not connect them. Let anything happen and just sit for a few minutes

5) Relax completely and trust the life force that is running the body and realize that it can run your whole life. Deep prayerful mood can connect with the deep inner space that is happening inside of you always. 

Just stop worrying about life and realize that you have enough energy or power to run your life. Realize that you have been given enough to do what you are here to do.

And offer yourself to existence.